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The dark waffle

Because I love waffles in every colours!

8 waffles (depending on the waffle maker you use)

100gr of flour

80gr of rice flour

20gr of arrow roots

2 tsp of rising powder

260ml plant based milk

2 tblsp of olive oil.



1/3 of tspo of charcoal

For the topping:

Smashed avocado, cherry tomatoes, green salad, toasted sesame seed, pumpkins seed...

Mixe all the dry first, then slowly add the milk; once it has become silky the add the oil. Do not hesitate to add more milk, you need to see the consistency of the mixture.

Let it set for 15 mins.

get your waffle maker ready...

lets make some waffles!

Dress your waffles

dark waffle day!

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