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Chocolaty-nuts butter cake


100 g vegan butter ( better than margarine)

100 g of brown sugar or coconut sugar

160 flour

20 arrow roots

Pinch of carbonate

Pinch of baking powder

40 g of raw cacao powder (or plus if you like very chocolaty cake)

210 ml vegan buttermilk (210 vegetable milk + spoon of apple cider)

Nibs of raw dark chocolate

1 hip tablespoon of peanut butter

Mix the vegan butter and sugar until it becomes creamy.

In a separate bowl mix all the others dry ingredients.

Pour all the dry ingredients in the first bowl.

Then while you stir pour the buttermilk until it is well incorporated.

Add the peanut butter, sprinkle with chocolate nibs.

In pyrex bowl put some butter and then stripe of cooking parchment paper the bottom, so the cake does not stick and it is easier to remove from the bowl.

Then you can pour the preparation, cover the pyrex bowl of foil paper; secure the foil paper with a string. With another piece of string create a handle by making a knot on each side of the bowl.

Pour water in to a saucepan deep enough so you can put the bowl inside, then add the lid and you can start to cook the cake for 1hour and 40 mins.


Coconut cream only the creamy part avoid using the water.

Raw chocolate powder

Some sugar (agave or any liquid sugar)

Heat the coconut cream to the minimum, add the raw chocolate powder and you turn of the heat to keep all the property of the raw chocolate, add 1 hip of liquide sugar, mix all together. Pour on to the cake at the end.

cooked in the water for 1h and 40 mins

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