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Iced cookies


1 cup of cooked chick peas

1/2 cup almond flour (adjust to make sur the dough stayed moist but not to hard)

1/2 cup nut or seed butter I have used complete almond butter

1/3 cup agave sugar again adjust if you like sweeter.

Sea salt infused with vanilla (litteraly will make your iced cream taste like sneaker)

Raw chocolate nibs optional for the daw

Cover and topping

Coconut oil

Raw chocolate to melt

Powder orucum, maca, beetroot, spiruline.......


Mixing bowl

Fork or mashing potato

Glass jar heatproof

A plate or a pastry grid

A small fork or long pick

Mashed the chick peas with a fork than add the almond, mix again. Add the nuts/seed butter mix again.

Finally, add the sugar with sea salt and the nibs. mix.

Cover your bowl/plate... . Reserve in the fridge.

In the sauce-pan pour water. Put a glass resistant the heat. Inside the glass put the oil and raw chocolate (if possible the temperature has to stay below 42 degree. Remove the pan from the hob. Keep the chocolate inside so it stayed in it is liquid ish form.

Mix until you end up with a lovely runny consistency. Take your cookie dough out, roll into your hands to form some “mignardises”.

With the small fork or the pick dunk the dough in the chocolate sauce, put on the grid.

Carry one the process until no more dough is left.

At the end sprinkle the cookies with the super powder of your choice!

Refrigerate.... keep for two days in the fridge max.

Take the treats out of the fridge few minutes before serving......

I have not used a blender for that one as it is less runny that a humous but please fell free to use a blender and mix everything apart of the chocolat nibs.

PS: to make the cookie even more colour full, maybe add powder with the dough! You will have to adjust the quantity of the seeds/nuts butter and sugar as adding powder will harden the dough.

Love and light!!!!

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