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Hi there I am Marie, thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read a little bit about myself! 

I am a yoga teacher, post and pre natal yoga teacher, yin yoga teacher and a breath work coach. I am also a sound healer; I work with Tibetan bowls, cristal bowls, tuning forks and Koshi but also shamanic drum to help the body to find harmony again with the vibration of the sounds.  

I am currently studying as a naturopath with the CNDFI.

In 2021, I opened my own little studio called Mademoiselle yogi in the heart of the city, 


A little through back on how on earth I moved back and forth from London to France ! I moved from France to UK in 1999, I know it was the best move I have ever done! My young adult life was filled with rich experiences I would have never though possible if I had stayed in France. 

This hectic life led me to became a sport addict; spinning, running, body pump was part of my daily practice. I just loved it! Four years later I recognised  that deep down, I felt like I was drowning, I felt that everything was just superficial, I was overwhelmed by everything. I practised yoga from time to time but I must admit I was not yet moved within by this practice. Then, I joined this yoga class and everything changed! This teacher was just mind blowing the way she introduced spirituality into the class really touched my soul deep down. 


After, a few classes, I felt more connected, clamer within; The practice of yoga was the missing piece I needed to balance my energy. 


I quitted my job at the consulate, in 2008, I wanted to do something that was more meaningful, I worked as volunteer youth worked where I taught young people how to cook healthy meal and why movement was important to keep healthy. Then I became a special need teacher in 2012, I can tell you that his job brought me joy every day! My heart was filled with love for every single students I had. They have taught me more things  than I taught then. 

For a personal growth, I gained a certification as nutritive therapist, this certification has of course played a big role in my position as a teacher. Introducing cooking classes was something that was dear to my heart. 


I was still hooked to sport especially running I know that yoga was there to keep peace within me. 

In 2017 I took the plunge to train in Ashtanga vinyasa flow, I did not realise that this was the start of a beautiful continuous study! 

From special need yoga training to breath coach I feel that I was finally discovering who I was, with yoga I can do what I love the most: teaching and sharing.


In 2020, I resigned from my teaching position to go back to France. 

Ever since I have trained as yoga teacher, I keep exploring different styles, yoga, well being is a never ending learning process ! 


I believe that everyone as the right to have the tools to quiet the mind , I know that living in a busy environment can unbalance the body and the mind. 

I implement breath work in every classes as I want to bring calmness and serenity to students when they come to my class. Shutting down the noise from the outside and focusing on the breath and movements.

I incorporate some yin yoga pose toward the end of the class according to the students' needs but also the class I am teaching.


Of course, Yoga must remain a safe environment where fun is entirely allowed, trying, falling is part of the process and laughing is a must. 

As a sound healer practitioner,  I like to surprise my students with the beautiful sounds of Tibetan Singing Bowl during savanna. 

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