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Yoga classes

1 hour class in person

60€ private session

15€/per person group class 

15€ duo parents/children (3 yo- 10 yo) 

100€ for a group/corporation

Zoom session available on request. 

111€ 10 classes in person at the studio (valid 10months)

58€ 5 classes in person at the studio (valid 5 months)

Packages available

12 hours cancellation policy applies

Booking prior the class 

Yoga classes online

£10 or 10€ per group class

for booking DM SMS/EMAIL

Welcome to MademoiselleYogi, I teach yoga, meditation, and breathing techniques. Whether you’re looking to improve your physical health, mental well-being, or both, I have a class that’s perfect for you. Join our community of yogis, movers and shakers  and start your journey towards a better you. Suitable for beginners, workout is tailor made workout to your abilityReduce stress, improve posture, strengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation

cacao ceremony

Cacao ceremony is an opportunity to listen and connect. It is giving you the opportunity to open your heart and listen to your inner self. Cacao ceremony is teaching you to have gratitude, to hold an intention and connect with all things alive around us. 

Sounds bath
£55 or 55€ per session

booking DM SMS/EMAIL

Soundbath is a meditative experience, you are literally bathed by waves of frequencies. The singing bols have frequencies and when there are played together and resonate in the rooms this create something very magical. You can feel the music really travelling through you and this experience is very personal and special. Come try.


Looking for ways to take your yoga practice to the next level? MademoiselleYogi offers an array of breathwork techniques, such as coffee practice, water practice and whisky practice  to help deepen your practice and calm your mind. Join us for a transformative experience. If you wonder what are those practices DM.

Caution:Breathwork is not for everyone. enquire before starting a session you will need to fill out a questionnaire

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