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Spread from the sea

Total time: 1 day +

Prep: 15 mins


* Sunflower seed 1 cup

* Fresh seaweed (dulce, wakame...)

* Dry mix seaweed 1/4 cup

* Tahini 1 tbsp

* Capers 1 tbsp

* Colza oil 1 1/2 tbsp

* Garlic (1 glove optional)

* Lot of love as much as possible

Please the recipe and quantities are made according to my taste you are invited to add more seaweed or change with others type of seaweed.


One day in advance, soak the sunflower in water. You might need to change the water twice just to have clean water.

On the day:

Drain and rinse the sunflower.

Then blend the sunflower roughly. Set on the side.

Thinly slice the wakame or dulce, garlic if you put some. Set on the side.

Roughly cut the Capers. Set on the side.

In the blender, add the tahini, colza oil (add more if you like). Blend all.

Add all the other ingredients, mix everything.

You might want to add a dash of lemon.

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